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Canadian Scallops

Chef: James Holmes

Position: Executive Chef, Salt & Brick. Kelowna, British Columbia

Instagram: @jameschefypoo

How did you get started?

I was pursuing law enforcement until I was 27, but I failed the colour blind test and had to rethink my future. I went on a European cruise with my family and instantly fell in love with food. At that time, I knew that it was a very cut-throat industry for positions, so I attended the Dubrulle Culinary Institute which was the best school In Vancouver and did the eight-month course. I finished school and started doing my apprenticeship at Westin Bayshore.

What was your first position?

Within two years of leaving school, I ended up as Sous For Cathedral Mountain and became Executive Chef two years after that.

I am currently the Executive Chef at Salt & Brick in Kelowna, British Columbia.


The story behind the dish:

This is one of the first dishes I created as a chef and has ended up on most of my menus since. It has, hands down, all my go-to favorite ingredients. Growing up, I loved maple syrup and still do. Cherries are my favorite fruit - I used to sit as a boy with my grandfather and eat them and he also used to smoke cherry colts. When he was finished, he would give me the tip to chew.

Canadian Scallops

What you need:

  • Cast iron pan

  • Mixing bowl

  • Whisk or electric mixer

  • Small plate


  • Local Canadian Scallop

  • 2 oz Quebec maple

  • 1 oz Canadian Whisky

  • 1/2 vanilla Pod

  • 2 Tbls of Butter

  • Fresh British Columbia Cherries

  • British Columbia Granny Smith Apple


  • Combine maple and whisky

  • Whip soft butter with vanilla pod guts

  • Pit cherries

  • Start with a cast iron pan on 3/4 high heat with a couple tablespoons of oil.

  • When the oil starts smoking, place scallops in the pan.

  • Once you have a nice golden crust and colour, flip and turn the heat off. Fresh scallops are perfect at medium rare.

  • As soon as you flip scallops deglaze pan with maple whisky

  • Once it forms and starts to get tacky, add butter off heat and mix until you have a sauce that has sheen and the butter is melted.

  • Place scallops on a small plate and spoon a couple tablespoons of sauce over and garnish with 3 cherries.

My cooking isn’t simple. Its fucking basic

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