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Bharli Vaangi

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Chef: Parikshit  Joshi

Country: Mumbai, India

Instagram: @chef_ parikshit_joshi

Growing up in middle-class India usually ends in two popular career options, Engineering and Medicine but Parikshit wasn't having either. He discovered his passion for food with his grandmother and mother cooking and knew he had to follow his restaurant dreams.

Parikshit started his restaurant dream studying Hotel Management at Rizvi College in Mumbai. There he took a culinary course cooking for the staff cafeteria kitchen. Under the direction of his Chef, he learned the culinary basics, cooking techniques, to getting his mise-en-place ready so he wouldn't be fucked for service. With the chaos, he realized the kitchen was his "comfort zone", he turned to the dark side and decided to become a Chef. He would move to London to further his learning at the Ealing Hammersmith & West London College, London, UK. 

He started off modestly as a Commis 1 at Premier Inn, London and worked his way up gradually as DCDP, CDP & Sr CDP in Hotel kitchens.

After being in London for over 7 years he decided to go back home to Mumbai to work in a fine dining restaurant called Nido. He started his own entrepreneurial venture Chef's Kitchen an Indo-Chinese restaurant in 2015. The last position held was in Impresario Group, Social brand as a Head Chef. 


This recipe reminds Parikshit of summer months at his grandmothers' house, visiting fresh produce markets to gather ingredients that create a recipe that has been passed down generations in his family.

Name: Bharli Vaangi 

Cuisine: Indian 

Region: Maharashtra 

For stuffing 

Ingredients                          Quantity 

Baby eggplants.                500gms

Fresh grated coconut.          150gms

Crushed roasted peanuts.   100gms

**Goda masala.**                      3 tsp

Coriander seeds.                  2tsp

Cumin seeds.                        2 tsp

Red chili powder.                 1 tsp

Tamarind water.                     3 tbsp

Jaggery.                                  50gms

Fresh chop coriander.           50gms

Salt.                                          To taste 

**recipe for goda masala at the bottom

For tempering 

Ingredients.                          Quantity 

Oil.                                        2tbsp 

Asafoetida.                          Pinch of it

Mustard seeds.                 1tsp

Turmeric.                             Pinch of it 

Onions chopped.              1 large 


1.  Prep the baby aubergines first. Wash it thoroughly. Don't remove the stem and cut it or slit it criss-cross from the bottom side just to create a space for stuffing. Submerge slitted eggplants into water. 

2. Prepare the stuffing. Dry roast coriander and. Cumin seeds in a pan. Keep aside 

3. Put all the ingredients of stuffing into the mixer along with dry roasted cumin and coriander seeds. Don't add  fresh chop  coriander and tamarind water.  Now ground all the ingredients into a powder and not paste 

4. Add the tamarind water and fresh coriander and check for seasoning. 

5.  Now stuff this mixture into eggplants neatly and keep aside.

6. Now let's start to cook.  Heat a nonstick pan add oil (use groundnut oil preferably) 

7. For tempering add Asafoetida then mustard seeds then turmeric and then chopped onions.  Saute it till translucent. 

8. Add in the stuffed baby eggplants and nicely sear it till lightly colored. please note don't cook it completely. Add the remaining stuffing mix to the pan.

9. Once the eggplants get seared lightly add in vegetable stock or water but do not cover aubergines with water completely. You should be able to see some parts of eggplant from the top in the pan. 

10. Now turn the gas knob to low heat and gently simmer for 15 minutes till the sauce slighty thickens and the eggplants are soft. 

11. Do not stir the eggplants, turn it only once if needed. 

12. Check for seasoning and garnish it with freshly chopped coriander. 

13. Serve it hot with chapati or Bhakri (Indian bread)  or simply with any normal bread. 

Goda Masala recipe 

Ingredients                        Quantity 

Coriander seeds.                  1 cup

Cumin seeds                          1/4 cup

Dry  grated coconut             1 cup

Sesame seeds white.          1/3 cup

Clove.                                      2 tbsp 

Black cardamom.                   2 tbsp

Cinnamon.                                2 tbsp 

Black peppercorns.               2 tbsp

Dagad phool (lichen)              2 tbsp 

Dried bay leaves.                     10 nos. 

Oil.                                              2 tbsp


Dry roast all the ingredients in a pan or Kadhai (Except for the dry coconut)

Dry roast till they turn dark in color but please note they are not burnt, it should have a nice fragrance.

Now dry roast the  grated coconut separately till brown in color 

Let all the ingredients cool down and then grind it to a powder. 

Goda masala is ready.

Chef must think like a Scientist, organize like an accountant, plate-like an Artist, and most importantly cook like a Grandma!

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