Smoked Pork Shoulder Tortellini

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Chef: Daniel Cohen

Position: Executive Sous Chef, Morimoto. Philadelphia, PA.

Instagram: @chefdanielcohen

How did you get started?

I grew up one of three boys and I wanted to support my single mother, I started cooking as a way to help around the house. I would watch my grandmother and mother cook and then began to cook myself. Little did I know, what first started as a necessity, would become my passion.

What was your first position?

My first position in a kitchen was dishwasher. At the time I was helping a family friend/ private contractor with construction in the morning and dishwashing at night. I wanted to be an architect but my love for food pulled me in that direction.

I am currently the Executive Sous Chef for Morimoto in Philadelphia, PA.


The story behind the dish:

This dish is a culmination of local ingredients, the current quarantine mandate, and my love for pasta. I always love raiding the pantry to see what I can make for dinner; pasta is always a good go-to. Supporting local/small business is important to me, great dishes start with locally sourced ingredients.

Smoked Pork Shoulder Tortellini with Maitake, Kale and Sage

Ingredients For the dough: 480g AP or Bread flour

5 ea whole eggs

1 ea egg yolk

1t salt

1t evoo

Pork Shoulder Mix

1/4C mushroom soy sauce

2T oyster sauce

2T gochugaru (Korean chili flake)

1t cornstarch

Smoked pork shoulder:

(Depending on size, adjust time)

2# pork shoulder

-Dry rub (chefs choice ) pork 24hour before

1t chopped garlic

1t of chopped sage

1T mushroom soy



Smoke at 225F for 3 hours, wrap in tin foil, and smoke for additional 1 - 1.5 hours. Rest, cool, and shred. Add in Pork Shoulder Mix. Create Tortellini.

-boil pasta for 3-4 min fresh or 5-6 min if previously frozen. Meanwhile, roast maitake clusters in a pan with grape seed oil on medium heat. Caramelize on one side, flip, season lightly with salt to draw moisture, add chopped kale and sauté lightly. Add chopped garlic and chopped sage. Add 1/2 cup of pasta water, 1T mushroom soy. Taste for seasoning.


Add pasta and mount with the desired amount of butter. -plate kale on bottom, rest tortellini, and mushrooms, pour broth and garnish with sage. Enjoy!

Just ask the local people for the best food. Don't rely on a guidebook.

Masaharu Morimoto

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